Best Food Trucks Bay Area

Pics from Battledish San Mateo – 10.05.13

Great event at the Bay Meadows in San Mateo hosted by Dishcrawl.  A lot of people turned out for the battledish event, and I was able to sample a lot of the food.  I wanted to try it all but when there is 15 food trucks/vendors and only 3 hours it is nearly impossible, unless you are Joey Chestnut.  Below are some pics of the event, please enjoy and share with your friends!

Downtown Cupertino Groundbreaking – 9.15.14

People, food, and lots of fun at the groundbreaking of the new downtown Cupertino project.  Food trucks were provided by The Food Rodeo, and the event was organized by Events by Collette.  This new development, by Sand Hill Properties, looks to be an exciting one and a big part of Cupertino’s future.

Heart of Oakley Festival – 9.14.13

Check out pictures from the Heart of Oakley inaugural Festival, celebrating all things Oakley!  cheers to the city of Oakley for putting together a wonderful event, and The Food Rodeo is honored to be a part of the fun!  Many thanks to Lindsey B. for coordinating the event and being a very helpful and responsive partner to work with!  Hopefully we can partner up again for future events!


Photos from 5.02.13 Food Truck Beta Tasting Event

It was a hot day down in San Jose but a big one for food trucks in the bay area!  Dishcrawl and BayAreaMFVA put together a fun event and a lot of people turned up for this one.  There were over 10 food trucks there (I think 14?) and not enough room in my tummy to sample all the yummy offerings.  I set out to try a sampling from every truck but it became clear after a few that unless I was Joey Chestnut or Kobayashi, there was no way my body was going to absorb all this food, perhaps if I had a few more hours.  Here are some pics of the food my friends and I were able to try, and sorry for those I missed!  Enjoy!

Cherry Blossom Festival Pictures – 4.13.13 (day 1)

This was the first day of the Cherry Blossom Festival in SF Japan Town.  I was there for a couple of hours in the morning-early afternoon and plan to be back for one more day (the event is on 4/13, 4/14, 4/20, and 4/21 in Japan Town SF).   Check out these pics…

Best of 2012 – check out these awesome food pics from 2012

Hong Kong and Shenzhen street food, bar snacks, and other dishes

so I was back in South China area for work and spent a couple of days in both Shenzhen and HK.  I didn’t get to explore Shenzhen so my food picks from there are all from the Shangri La hotel buffet.  In HK I snapped some pics of different varieties…. Enjoy!

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