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OrderParrot -Skip the Line and Order Ahead

OrderParrot improving the lives of Bay Area food truck owners and patrons

A new local Bay Area service called OrderParrot ( is improving how we interact with our favorite food trucks. According to the owner, Erik Chan, OrderParrot is the first food truck Facebook chat app allowing patrons to skip the line and order ahead from food trucks using Facebook messenger.

Here is how it works:

  1. Customers Order & Pay through Facebook Chat

No app download required. Everybody has Facebook.


  1. Truck Staff Manages Orders on any device

Any tablet or phone will do. No new hardware needed.


  1. Orders are delivered at the press of a button

Customers are notified of pick up or delivery via chat.


Spark Social ( and Soma Streat Food Park ( in San Francisco are currently working with OrderParrot to offer catering, delivery, and ordering ahead services from their lineup of food trucks. It seems like everybody will WIN in this process: customers get more and speedier food options (no more long lines!), and food truck owners will get to free up staff from taking orders/payments while increasing food truck sales (particularly during days of bad weather).

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