Best Food Trucks Bay Area

Best Food Trucks in America…. According to Various Sources. Whats Your Favorite?

As the popularity of food trucks rises and becomes more and more mainstream and apart of the American culture, so does the media coverage.  Below is a list of top food trucks in America, according to multiple media outlets.  I have listed many of them together all in one platform for your foodie pleasure.  Enjoy!

The Smithsonian Mag’s top 20

GQ Magazines top 10

The Daily Meals top 101

Huffington Post’s top 10

also included, some lists of top food trucks specifically for the Bay Area:’s 2015 top 10

Dining Room at The Chairman Truck, San Francisco, CA’s best in SF


CBS Bay Area’s hottest and hippest in SF

hapasf Hottest & Hippest Bay Area Food Trucks


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