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Cool New App from Trucksome to track Food Trucks

There has been many efforts to create some type of app or device to successfully track food trucks.  But the logistics make that a hard feat to accomplish.  Getting all the food trucks to communicate their locations in a central platform and in an easy to use manner for the consumer has proved to be difficult, to say the least.  But finally there might be a viable solution.  I recently downloaded the Trucksome application and found it very easy to use so far.  Trucksome is a company out of the Bay Area I believe, and they have developed an app which makes the process of locating food trucks the easiest I have seen to date.  The app uses your location and provides a list of food trucks in your area, sorted by time and distance to your current location.  It shows the name of the truck, the location where they will be serving, and the time slot that the truck is scheduled to serve.  You can also switch to map view to get the same information.  I’m not sure how they get the information from the trucks, how many trucks are in their database, and other specifics, but the interface and user friendliness are great.  If you want to check it out for yourself, here is a link to their app for download:

Trucksome App download

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