Best Food Trucks Bay Area

Best Food Truck Fries from a Bay Area Food Truck

As many of you food truck regulars know, a common dish that is served by food trucks is some kind of variation on a popular American side item, the french fries.   Usually a food truck will come up with their variation of the french fries by taking their signature meat item (i.e. bulgogi, carne asada, pastrami, etc..) and adding it to their fries, along with other flavorful ingredients (i.e. cheese, mayonnaise, green onions etc…).  And usually this results in a totally awesome and belly busting dish!  For some trucks it is just a side item, but for others it is a main serving in itself.  For the sake of this article, I included not only french fries, but also criss cross fries and tater tots since they are all deep fried potato-based dishes.  Enjoy the pics and feel free to leave your comments, share on Facebook, or give me your own scrumptious pics of your favorite food truck fries dish!

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