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Food Trucks on Stanford Campus is a Win/Lose

Interesting article by a Stanford Faculty member about the loss of a stalwart food truck on Stanford campus with the new implementation of the food truck partnership with Off The Grid.  The truck, called Bloom Truck (formerly Net Appetit) had been in operation on campus for over a decade, and donated proceeds to the less privileged in Vietnam (you can learn more about their mission over at their site).  I had been to the truck before for lunch and I met the owner, who was a very nice man.  When I heard that Off The Grid was partnering with Stanford to bring food trucks to campus, I was excited since I work on campus, but also wondered what would happen to Bloom Truck, as well as the various taco trucks that you see here and there.  I figured that Off The Grid would be  bringing in trucks that they probably worked out a deal with and had worked with in the past, since they are the biggest food truck organizer in San Francisco (Moveable Feast is probably the biggest in the South Bay).  I was hoping that they could strike a deal with Bloom so that they could remain on campus, or that Stanford would give them permission to remain active, but from the article linked above it sounds like that will not be the case.  This is too bad and shows how the growing food truck craze is changing from a “mom and pop” operation to a more corporate environment.

check out pics of Bloom here


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